Yasin Jensen
01/09/2017 6:22am

Intriguingly disgusting! Awesome!

01/17/2017 4:38am

This is incredibly great! Your comic is unique and has very interesting topic. It is a thrilling time to be reading comics. For the last decade, comic book classics have morphed from geeky indulgence to pop culture mainstream. And let's not kid ourselves, they're terrific! Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, and so many characters of classic comic books.

04/15/2017 9:56am

This is a funny comic at first I thought it was a monster, but it got clarified in the last two panels. You are an artistic person and I can see how detailed you are when it comes to your creations. I like how it looks like a different creature in the first few panels, but turned out to be something else. I wish I had good drawing skills like you do, but I know it is something that needs practice in order to have drawing skills just like yours. I used to practice drawing back in high school, I even joined a club to get some improvements, but I have no time to practice right now because I am busy. Next time I hope it will be a chapter of your comic book that you will share.

05/17/2017 11:48am

These comics look very funny, but they can also provoke discontent of fastidious people.


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